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CRRC Brochure Mockup


Honors Escort Brochure

The Honors Escort is an opportunity to honor each Veteran who passes while in the medical center in a respectful and open manner and provides a way for a Veteran’s family and friends, other Veterans and our staff to participate in a display of high regard and reverence for the individual at the time of death. The brochure that tells families more about the program needed to display this same reverence. I designed it to be very classic using a clean serif font and a somber color palette. The folded flag which is the key symbol during the ceremony is displayed on both the cover and the interior along with a ghosted, monochrome single rose background.

ProjectRED Brochure

The ProjectRED (Re-Engineered Discharge) team wanted a brochure to serve as an introduction and training aid for other clinical staff as the Ralph H. Johnson VAMC worked to adopt this new patient safety initiative concerning discharge planning. The document is very text-heavy by necessity, but I was able to make it vibrant and engaging using a highly saturated red gradient cut through by a monochrome photograph of care at the patient bedside. Additionally, I recreated the ProjectRED branding as the assets provided by Boston University are low-resolution rasters. I then used the blocks that form an arrow within the logo as a motif that draws the reader’s eye to the most important content on the inner face of the brochure.

Community Resource & Referral Center Brochure

crrc_program_mockupThe Community Resource & Referral Center is currently the Ralph H. Johnson VAMC’s newest clinic that provides resources and healthcare for homeless Veterans with convenient access in North Charleston. The brochure for the new clinic needed to be an impressive marketing piece to our stakeholders and patients because of the importance of the clinic to our community and because the grand opening was presided over by VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson. I selected an oversize format trifold with a finished size of 8.5″ • 11″. The brochure provides information about the services available, how the clinic came to be through a partnership with community agencies and a clear demonstration of the positive impact of these VA and community services by featuring the story of a formerly homeless Veteran and her children. The brochure also coordinated with the program for the grand opening ceremony shown here.